Über uns - The Dog Care Company - QUALIFICATIONS

THE DOG CARE COMPANY looks back on more than 10 years experience in grooming. Diploma as dogstylist has been taken at the renowned WIFI Vienna. We take part in advanced trainings on a regular basis.

  • Pudel und English Cocker Spaniel – PROFI CUT
  • Verschiedene Schneidetechniken – PROFI CUT
  • Effizientes Arbeiten im Salon – AUSTRIAN GROOMING
  • Certificate of Achievement – WORKSHOP MIT DENYS LORRAIN
  • Qualitätsbescheinigung – AUSTRIAN GROOMING
  • Diplom zum Hundestylisten – WIFI WIEN
  • Erste Hilfe bei Hund und Katze – KLEINTIERKLINIK BREITENSEE WIEN
  • Zeugnis Ausbildung zum Hundestylisten – WIFI WIEN


Founded in 2006 by opera singer Carol Byers „Animal Care Austria“ fights against animal suffering and animal abuse. Each weekend Mrs. Byers brings food and other donated items tot he most tortured dogs and cats.

We were so convinced of  the good work of „Animal Care Austria“ that we decided to support this organisation.

On Dec. 28th, 2012, we visted an animal shelter to bath and groom the most matted ones. We were really moved by the love and gratitude they showed us.

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 THE DOG CARE COMPANY supports the neunerhaus

The neunerhaus is not only a shelter for people who lost their homes due to different circumstances, it is also a refuge for those people’s pets.

The very own veterinarian medical assistance facility of the neunerhaus offers free help for homeless people’s beloved four-legged friends.

Usually, charity activities support only human beings. We want to set an example. Therefore we offer twice a year a special grooming day in the dog parlor – for free!

“A dog or a cat often is the only friend in the life of a homeless person.  To help keeping their health and wellbeing and contribute to their species- appropriate care is a special matter of the heart to me”, explains Alexander Hysek, THE DOG CARE COMPANY’s owner.