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Fellpflege im Winter


03. March 2024

In spring, not only the flowers awaken, but unfortunately also the ticks. In addition to medical products (tablets, spot-on), natural remedies are becoming increasingly popular as they have virtually no side effects. We particularly recommend the "Zeckweg Spray" from Herbs & Hounds, which works on the basis of essential oils and is produced in Austria.

Fellpflege im Winter

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2024

21. December 2023

We wish you and your pets a Merry Christmas, relaxing holidays and all the best - especially health - for 2024!

Fellpflege im Winter

Grooming in winter

13. December 2023

Appropriate grooming is particularly important in winter. Wet, cold, grit and road salt are very hard on your dog's skin and pads and put a strain on your pet's body. We will be happy to advise you on optimal coat care during the cold season!

Grannen – Gefahr im Frühsommer

Awns - danger in early summer

26. Juni 2023

Awns (in german "Schliafhansl") are found on the ears of various types of grain. Due to their barbs, the plant parts can get stuck in various parts of the dog or even get into the animal as foreign bodies. There they can cause inflammation and damage. Frequently affected body parts are the ears, the paws and the nose. You should have the awns removed by a veterinarian immediately, otherwise they can move further up in the tissue. Of course, we will check your pet for awns at every service!

Hundepfote im Schnee


11. April 2023

As a business, you are automatically listed on Google and are therefore fair game for many people to express their resentment, envy and hatred in the form of negative reviews. This is very concerning and can lead to character assassination and business damage. We hope that potential customers will not be influenced by these often fabricated and questionable reviews. Much more, we are convinced to always do our best and act in the best interest of the animal's well-being. Our large number of satisfied regular customers is proof enough for us that we work well, honestly and trustworthily.

Hundepfote im Schnee

The Christmas season

20. Dezember 2022

We wish you and your pets a Merry Christmas, relaxing holidays and all the best for 2023!

Hundepfote im Schnee

In winter time

13. Dezember 2022

Cold, rolling grit and road salt lead, especially in big cities like Vienna, to the fact that the pads of the dogs become cracked and hurt and our four-legged friends therefore do not want to go on. Proper care of the paws is therefore particularly important. Wash the paws thoroughly after every walk, dry them carefully and apply a paw ointment. Your darling will thank you!

Hund im Laub

When the leaves fall

10. Oktober 2022

Especially in autumn there is an increased occurrence of parasites. Fleas, ticks and co. often settle in the fur of your four-legged friend and lead to unpleasant side effects such as itching and skin changes. That's why we bathe your pets with an anti-parasite shampoo, which consists of 100% natural oils and herbs and forms a protective layer against unwanted vermin.

Hund im Wasser

Danger heat

June 30 2022

The 3 most important tips:
1. do not overexert your four-legged friend. Only short walks.
2. Make sure they drink enough fluids and cool down. Put on wet towels.
3. take care of the coat of your pet. The skin must be able to breathe.
We are happy to help you and your best friend with advice and support!

News 1

New care line

22. Februar 2021

We are very pleased to present you our new care line: Yuup! The Yuup! was founded in 2011 in Veneto, Italy, and has stood for care products of the highest quality ever since. Developed by experts, there are shampoos for many needs, from sensitive skin to matted fur. All products are free from parabens, plasticizers, pollutants, mineral oil, artificial colors and bleaches. Yuup! uses only natural ingredients.


News 1


30. Dezember 2020

Dear customers,

2020 was an exceptional year full of challenges for many of us.

These difficult times showed us once more how important our pets are for our lives. They prevent us from isolation and loneliness and contribute to our health.


We from The Dog Care Company are delighted that we support your pet’s well-being through our work and help them to live a happy and long life.

Have a successful and healthy 2021!


News 2


19. September 2020

Health and wellbeing are essential for our pets as well as for us human beings. We sterilize our equipment after every treatment and we also clean the floor with antibacterial and antiviral solutions.

During these pandemic times it takes even more precautions to ensure health. For this reason wearing a mask is obligatory when you enter the shop. Furthermore, it is not allowed staying and waiting at the shop during your pet’s grooming.

Thank you for your understanding!


19. April 2020

We are happy to inform you that we take on appointments again.



25. März 2020

Due to current activities of the Austrian government all dog grooming salons have to be closed until further notice.

If you have any questions you can contact us under 06991 109 09 69.

We hope to be back in our salon soon.

News 3


30. Dezember 2019

We wish you and your loved ones a very lucky & healthy 2020!


News 4


27. Oktober 2019

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